Tire Repair Kits


Tubeless Tire Puncture Repair Kit for Motorcycle and Cars with 15 Mushroom Plugs
数量 优惠 (%) 价格
1 $30.99
2+ 45.18 % $16.99


  • Compatible with All Tubeless Tires – Cars, Motorcycles – Harley, Triumph, Ducati, Suzuki, and others
  • DIY, Easy to use – no need for removing Tire. Use it instead of roadside assistance or installing a spare tire
  • This is a friendly designed product and mid-sized, which makes it portable for long journeys.
  • It seals the inner liner and fills the path of the injury – Better Technology
  • Better Sealing is provided as the Plugs act as rivets and grips the tire from inside.


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