Military Metal Sighting Navigation Compass with Inclinometer


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Even experienced backpackers sometimes neglect their navigation skills, but when the trail peters out or is covered by snow, knowing how to blaze your own path is absolutely essential. And even in the age of GPS and smartphones, the most reliable way to make sure that you stay on track is by using a map and compass.

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  • ✔️EASY TO HANDLE & READ – A liquid-filled compass with an integrated bubble level, it delivers reliable and accurate readings, thanks to the luminous dial, adjustable luminous marching line, thumb hold and magnifying viewer, you can get a fast and easy read.
  • ✔️SOLID BUILD QUALITY – Waterproof rugged aluminum alloy build means it can withstand extremely tough situations, due to its size, features, and military-level sturdiness
  • ✔️OTHER IMPRESSIVE FEATURES – You can align objects in the distance with the sighting hairline, it also has an adjustable diopter sighting lens, a rotating bezel ring, and a measurement conversion chart, it comes with a strong canvas pouch and lanyard and can be mounted on a tripod.
  • ✔️PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR ADVENTURES – It works great at taking bearings and sighting when camping, hiking, hunting, scouting, and more.

2 reviews for Military Metal Sighting Navigation Compass with Inclinometer

  1. Jamal

    Like the way this compass looks and the Gradient Inclination, when positioned correctly works as expected.

  2. David Chen

    Easy to use and very useful.

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