Heavy Cover US GI Style Titanium Canteen Mess Kit


The Heavy Cover Titanium US GI style mess kit brings together a product with a time tested design, form and function with the metal that has the highest strength to weight ratio (titanium).

Very compact and lightweight, while also non-toxic, BPA free and anti-corrosive, this 0.5mm thick mess kit set is manufactured by an ISO certified company that has passed EU Food Grade (German LFGB) tests and U.S. FDA tests of it’s products.

Designed as an all-in-one water storage/purification(boiling)/drinking/cooking system, the Heavy Cover Titanium US GI style mess kit takes up little space in a pack, and yet provides functionality for the lone bushcrafter, hiker, hunter or outdoorsperson.

数量 优惠 (%) 价格
1 $79.97
2+ 48.77 % $40.97


Benefits of Titanium Cookware:

  • Biocompatible (BPA Free, Nontoxic to the human body)
  • Non-porous, non-stick material for easy clean up
  • Rapid heat conductor – less fuel and faster boil time
  • Canteen won’t puncture or rip like plastic water bladders
  • As strong as steel but 45% lighter
  • Anti-corrosive and will not rust


Product Specifications:
Titanium Canteen/Tritan Cap Capacity: 1.1L
Titanium Canteen Cup Capacity: 700ml

Product Weight:
Titanium Canteen/Tritan Cap: 172 grams
Titanium Canteen Cup/Titanium Canteen Cup Lid: 132 grams

Material Thickness:
.5 mm Titanium


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